Zhuhai DeHan Hotel

(86-756)332 9988


ZhuHai Dehan Hotel Golden Age Opera House


If you require meeting space, please consider our facilities, 14

conference rooms. We have a conference center on the fourth floor and

fifths floor and wing building that features a comfortable executive

boardroom. On the hotel wing building thirdly floor, our Golden age

opera house can be configured in many combinations to meet your specific

needs. The Gold - en Age Opera House Multi - functional Hall has an

area of 3000 square meters (can hold 2500 people's dinner or meeting at

the same time). Our sales and catering office is ready to assist you in

preparing the facilities to your exacting specifications.


conference rooms on the 4F are named after Guo and equipped with TV

screen, mic - rophones, TV recorder, projec - tor, Hi - fi, simultaneous

langua - ge interpreting facilities.


(86-756)332 9988
International Conference Centre(hotel),No.2 Jida Road,Zhuhai.China.
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